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Parenting Guide: Organizing Habits Made Easy

Dec 9, 2022

As you listen to this episode, my hope is to arm you and give you tools and strategies of how to go about the holidays that won’t lead you to burnout.  To give you tips and tricks on how to manage the overwhelm and be present and in the moment so that you can enjoy the holiday season amidst all the chaos, demands and spreading the joy at the same time.

For many it’s year-end so work is demanding to get all our numbers in, all the sales accounted for and working for that big bonus. This is also a time where the heaviness from losing someone can be felt so deeply or the feelings of guilt and self-worthiness can come creeping in and stinging some of us. It’s enough to get burnout… but let’s not get to that point.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to set the tone so that your intentions are established and used as your guiding light to get through this season.
  • With setting the tone, you’ll learn ways to pace yourself so as to avoid the overwhelm that can lead to burnout.
  • Next, I’ll talk about creating space so that our mental health is always in check. 
  • And finally, I’ll talk about something many of us struggle with and that’s: Setting boundaries because we know what lies ahead of us but how can we manage and control our tendencies as well?

Plug those headphones in or pump up the volume as you drive home from work - I’m here for you! Enjoy!


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