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Parenting Guide: Organizing Habits Made Easy

Dec 1, 2022

With the Holidays fast approaching and the kids being off of school for a few weeks, this also means the possibility that they’re going to want to have friends over more often.

In today's episode I’m talking about getting the house ready for when guests come over. Now,  I know YOU know how to do this already… I’m talking about Teaching Kids About Prepping The House For Guests.

So if you have school-aged kids and they’re asking for their friends to come over, and you want to step it up a notch this episode could be the one that arms you with a new direction, another perspective or even just inspires you to test some chores out with your kids.

You’ll learn

  • when’s the perfect time to bring the chore conversation up, 
  • The steps I take when teaching my kids how to get the house ready before their friends arrive - we talk about boundaries and ownership, then we’ll touch on
  • What’s the difference between cleaning, organizing and tidying up and finally, 
  • Which spaces to target when there’s little time to prep

Now, let me ask you this: when it comes to getting organized and getting the kids involved, where do you struggle? Send me a DM on Instagram @1TidyPlace

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